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Camp update: Weeks 4 & 5

Well it only took me three weeks to fall behind in writing the weekly blog. No surprise there. There was definitely a lot going on over the two week period here in camp. Straight line winds one night threatened our floating docks survival AGAIN, as well as rearranging camp furniture, patio chairs, garbage cans, roof shingles and even snapped off a tree near Cabin 3 that fortunately fell away from the cabin. We also endured our two hottest days of the year with temps near 90 on Sunday the 19th and 95 on Monday. The swim ladder was definitely getting a workout those two days! 

We opted to break away from pizza night for one of the weeks with a gourmet smores charcuterie board at the firepit which was enjoyed by many of the guests. 

Our water level has dropped over a foot now and we have been able to reclaim most of the parking area at the roadside landing. I am hopeful that within a week we will be able to tear out the makeshift dock we have been using and go back to the “normal” permanent dock. Out at the camp, the southern end of the permanent docking remains floating and requires weight to keep it on the cribbing. With still nearly a foot of water over the dock there it will be a while before we can assess and repair the damage done and get our floating docks firmly anchored back to the permanent dock section. One-day-at-a-time…

As far as the fishing goes, it has held up very well especially given the wide array of weather throughout the period that we experienced. Many guests reported catching personal best fish of about every species highlighted by Brent Tikkanen’s 30″ walleye caught Friday afternoon right before boat turn in time. What a way to end your trip! Our guests have been very understanding of our policy of releasing all walleyes over 18″ as we do our part to improve the post-Covid shutdown size of the walleye here and it’s working as we continue to see more and more fish over 20″. Same can be said for the northern pike as guests continue to report catching more northern than ever before over 30″

Onto Week 6, after which we will be 1/3 of the way through the season already. Looking forward to many more great weeks this year! Hope to see you soon.


Week 3, Great weather, great fishing!

What a difference a week makes, eh? Week two guests fought through some pretty tough conditions during the week but had great fishing. Week three guests were pretty much blessed with both, great weather AND great fishing.  As is typical here in the month of June, camp is comprised of a lot of familiar facesContinue Reading

Week 2, well was… WEEK TWO!

While the springtime fishing on Wabaskang is almost always strong and steady, there just seems to always be something about week 2 that really stands out about just how great the fishing is. Despite being battered the second half of the week with rain, hail and high winds our guests persevered and were rewarded mightilyContinue Reading

Opening Week- 2022!

For the first time since 2019 our opening week happened in the month of May like it is supposed to! What a great opening week it was despite a late arrival to camp due to late ice out, many dock issues as a result of high water, and a slippery, wet, muddy, mucky mess ofContinue Reading

Camp update, Weeks 3 and 4.

Summer has returned yet again this week as temps have leveled out in the low 70’s, along with thick fogs in the am giving way to beautiful blue skies.  We’ll see how long this lasts.    We are still in desperate need for rain.  Docking both the passenger and work boat means that we haveContinue Reading

2021 Season Underway and NOT DISAPPOINTING!

Greetings everyone! Man does it feel good to be back! After 22 long, agonizing months of worry, disappointment and yes, anger, it all came to an end (we hope permanently) when the announcement was made that the US/Canada border would be opened to fully vaccinated Americans effective Midnight August 9, 2021. We greeted our firstContinue Reading

What do I need to cross the Canadian border?

Crossing the border may seem overwhelming at first.  There are a few more hurdles to jump through, but once you start the process you will see that it only takes a few minutes to make sure everything is in order to ensure a smooth a transition as possible when you reach the Canadian border.  ByContinue Reading

Border APPEARS to be opening 8/9/21! Info here…

Will be posting more details as available, but for now here is what we know. (or think we know)

August is on FIRE!

When I say August is on fire, I’m not referring to the weather. The weather to be honest has been refreshing and unseasonably cool. Daytime highs mostly in the 60’s and 70’s have made way for great comfortable fishing conditions and certainly excellent sleeping weather. Perhaps starting to sense the potential early arrival of fall,Continue Reading

Summer fun and great fishing!

Well I know it’s been awhile since I’ve updated the blog… to be honest it’s really become a matter of internet availability, time, and writer’s cramp trying how to describe another week of great fishing in a new and exciting fashion. It really has been another great run (lasting now about 5 consecutive weeks) ofContinue Reading

Peffley's Wilderness Camp is a family owned and operated camp. Dave has been fishing Wabaskang Lake for over 25 years and was previously a guest of this camp for 12 years prior to purchasing the camp in 2005. I am a proud supporter of our military and offer a nice discount during the month of July to our guests who have also served. I have three daughters ranging in ages from 16-21 who spend much of their summer with us in camp and have totally embraced the wilderness experience we offer. They have for years referred to it as the "best summer experience ever".

While rarely necessary on our lake, because I do have a very good working knowledge on how and where to fish on Wabaskang Lake and our portage waters, I will guide groups if asked to. Otherwise, I am always happy to share information with our guests and provide them well marked lake maps so they can start catching fish their first day in camp.

I pride myself on running a very clean and well managed camp with your satisfaction our top priority. Many guests who have fished from this camp for over 20 years, and several more that have fished here for over 30 years and even some over 40 years.

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