Walleye beat down underway…

Well we all knew that the weekly updates just weren’t gonna keep happening now didn’t we? Camps full, fishing has been great and there have been just enough “issues” to eat away any idle time that I may have had. No complaints however, as the fishing has really been the story here the last two weeks. It’s amazing how much just a little help from mother nature can make in the walleye bite. A few clouds here and there, enough wind for a little chop on the water, a passing shower once in a while and BAM! the walleye bite is in high gear. Even with some continued warm/hot temps and water temps back above 75 degrees, the walleye bite has been nothing short of excellent the last two weeks. Much the same can be said for the perch bite as many jumbos are finding their way to the fish house, as well as the ever present great eater northern.

A very rare event, but the first week of August for us was a slower week in terms of guests in camp. Just one of those things I guess, as it’s very rare for us to have an August opening. A real shame it was too, as the walleye bite was very good during the week with many fish being taken outside weed edges ranging from 13-17 feet. It did create an opportunity to complete a few other “outside the norm” projects however, so that was a plus.

Last week was back to business as usual with a full camp (as well as the rest of the month), and what a week it was. Outstanding perch, walleye and pike fishing all highlighted the week. It was one of those weeks that it didn’t matter who I asked, or where they fished the answer was the same- LOTS OF FISH!

We had a few new faces in camp for a change, and Glen Heinold’s crew thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were a pleasure to have in camp with us for the first time. For first timers, they did a great job learning the lake and were consistently bringing walleye into the fish house. Good job!

Bill and Sam were here again with the boys and Uncle Keith (newbie), and while I think Bill would much rather shoot the fish (he’s more a hunter than fisherman), he sure enjoys time with his family while the other guys and the boys were able to catch plenty of fish to keep them fed well all week. Sam was kind enough to share a few craft beers during the week with me too, which is always a bonus, and Luke as always was more than willing to pitch in and help with boat washing and other chores. Great folks!

Tim Meyer from Iowa was here for a short visit with his two sons and they caught quite a few fish despite spending a limited amount of time on the water. They loved the camp and I expect we will see them again down the road.

An old friend of mine was in camp last week too. Mark Zeese, who I used to work with in a former life (haha), was here with two of his sons this year along with friends of the family. This being Mark’s second trip here with son Kerry, it sure was impressive to see them put the knowledge they gained last year about when, where and how to fish Wabaskang to good use. Let me tell you it paid off as they had a great trip with lot’s of fish and memories that will last a lifetime. That’s what it’s all about. Young Colin Curran, (my apologies Colin I can’t remember if you said you were 12 or 13), had a great start to his Canadian fishing experience catching and releasing a 25″ walleye and a 36″ northern pike. That sure never happened to me on my first fishing trip to Canada in 1986! Congrats young man, well done and looking forward to seeing you again next year , but I’m gonna warn you right now, I’m pulling for your big brother Griffin to outfish YOU next year!

Our 2017 Catch & Release FREE trip winner, Ron Lorman was here with his (pretty much regular) crew too. Primarily perch and walleye guys they had no trouble catching plenty of both. They ended up taking home 200 big perch, ate a bunch while they were here, and caught plenty of walleye in between. Great group of guys we are blessed to have with us and always a pleasure to have in camp. Of course the other Ron (new guy) had to outdo all the regulars with his nice 24″ walleye. Good way to get uninvited next year if you know what I’m sayin’….

Another “old” camp guest was back this week with his regulars after missing a few years with some health issues. Sure was good to see you around camp again Walt, and even nicer to hear you say things like “I’ve been killing the walleye over at…., nice way to make your return to Wabby my friend. Most of the other guys are primarily pike fishermen, and while the big boys remained a little more elusive this week, they sure brought in a number of really nice, fat, just under slot size pike for eating and take home. Overall, a great week for them too.

Week 13 is underway, which begins the last third of the season for us. Wow, how it’s flying by. It’s been a great start to the week already! Despite not much wind and temperatures in the 80’s again with lot’s of sunshine, the walleye bite has remained outstanding. A few more hot days, then a cool down with some rain is in the forecast should only make things better as the week progresses.

Until next time, good fishing everyone.




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While rarely necessary on our lake, because I do have a very good working knowledge on how and where to fish on Wabaskang Lake and our portage waters, I will guide groups if asked to. Otherwise, I am always happy to share information with our guests and provide them well marked lake maps so they can start catching fish their first day in camp.

I pride myself on running a very clean and well managed camp with your satisfaction our top priority. Many guests who have fished from this camp for over 20 years, and several more that have fished here for over 30 years and even some over 40 years.

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